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Your First Visit To Our Office

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What’s in store for your first visit:

  1. Verbal evaluation
  2. Physical examination
  3. X-ray if justified and required
  4. Chiropractic adjustment - only performed when the doctor believes it is warranted and will benefit you (if not, you can expect to be referred to another specialist.)

To help you feel comfortable with your first visit with us, Dr. Johnson will take his time talking you through step-by-step, as well as explaining what you can expect to get out of chiropractic treatment. Additionally, to make sure he can best treat your individualized needs, Dr.Johnson will take a detailed patient history, as well as talk to you to find out your complaints and goals for chiropractic care, thus ensuring that your first visit is relaxed and comfortable, without surprises. You will leave your appointment with verbal direction on how you can expect to feel over the next 24 hours.

At the end of your first visit, if warranted, the doctor will recommend a second visit to follow-up, at which time Dr. Johnson will:

  • Give you a second chiropractic adjustment
  • Explain everything that he saw on your x-rays (if they were necessary in your previous visit) and after explaining what he has found, he will go over treatment options with you.
  • And lastly, the doctor will sit down with you to talk about a care plan to both treat any ailments and maintain your health into the future.

All procedures are done with the patient’s full awareness and consent. We strive to make the process as clear and easy as possible.

Finding Relief: The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

The reason most patients initially seek chiropractic care is also the main benefit of chiropractic care - relief from symptoms. Unlike many other forms of medical treatment, chiropractic care does not insert any foreign medications into your body that your body would not naturally produce, nor does chiropractic care require surgery to cut into you. The doctor of chiropractic works with your body’s own inborn mechanisms to help heal the ailment in question, often by removing the pressure from an affected nerve and opening up the pathway for the brain to communicate healing to the malady in question.

Once the brain is in contact with the body it can accelerate healing. Professional chiropractic adjustments, unlike pain medications, do not treat the symptom - but treat the cause of the symptom and let the brain do the rest. Once the initial condition heals the pain will subside and a properly developed maintenance program can ensure prolonged good health.

Our body is our most valuable asset, which is easy to forget when we are taught to either mask or ignore the warning signs of dysfunction - pain, aches, fatigue - with the help of drugs. This is incredibly detrimental to the health as without proper treatment of the cause as opposed to the symptom, there is nothing to stop each painful episode from worsening and becoming harder and harder to treat. Thus, chiropractic care is highly recommended because it can not only stop this snowball effect of increasing pain in its tracks, but also reverse it.

New patients receive a free consultation!


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